Our Mission: Quality of Service for your comfort

The Aegina Bed & Culture consists of 2 apartments. The accommodation was organized in a completely newfangled building. Its mission is to attract highly demanding customers and to be distinguished in competition with not only the best apartments and rooms on the island of Aegina regarding the facilities, but also with the best hotels on the island in terms of quality of services.

Aegina Bed & Culture is located in the traditional village of Perdika and has wonderful views of the island of Moni and the sea area between Aegina and Peloponnese

The Lodging 

It is a newly built building with structured surface of 420m2, on three levels. It is located 400m from the beach and 450m from the port of Perdika. The greatest asset of the building, apart from location, is that it is entirely environmentally friendly. More...

The Offered Activities 

The environment is very suitable for an artist who wants to create combining vacation. More...

The Island of Aegina

From the port of Aegina heading south along the coast road towards Marathonas bay the road leads to the fishing village of Perdika. More...

Information about the rooms

Up to 2 persons

On the first level one sleeping room for 2 persons, with its own entrance and one bathroom

Up to 5 persons

Οn the first level two sleeping rooms for 2 persons each and one bathroom. At the second level, the apartment has a large living room, dining room, kitchen and a WC. The living room has a three seats sofa (which can be a bed) and a wide bench seat where 1 person and 1 child may sleep.