It is a newly built building with structured surface of 450m2, on three levels.

It is located 300m from the beach and 350m from the port of Perdika. The greatest asset of the building, apart from location, is that it is entirely environmentally friendly. The entire building has been erected and all constructions were based on energy economy, namely: the whole outer surfaces either of plastered walls or reinforced concrete elements are fully insulated. The two hipped roofs, of wooden frame, are lined with tiles, and between them and the insulated reinforced concrete slab there is visitable area which hosts two large boilers for hot water. All exterior panels are of top quality aluminum with shutters, not just with double glazing but with specific energy standards glazing.

On rooftops photovoltaic systems are installed to cover not only daily consumption of electricity when sunlight but also by using the battery pack for consumption to nighttime or generally non sunshine or during the power outage from the public network. Yet there are two solar thermal systems with two major collectors and two boilers operating with forced flow.  The hot water is not only offered from sunlight but also from 2 air to water heat pumps installed. Heat pumps (type inverter) operate essentially as air conditioners for heating in winter and cooling in summer, having connection to all fan coils. In the two seating and dining areas large ceiling fans are installed correspondingly. All electrical appliances are energy class of A + to A +++. All lamps are either led or incandescent economy. There are two large tanks where rainwater is collected (from rooftops only, to be clean, not from the terraces) for daily use but not for drinking. In addition, environmentally friendly cleaning products are used.

Τhe Apartments

Βoth apartments are almost identical and are spread into two levels. Each apartment on the first level has two sleeping rooms for 2 persons each and one bathroom. At the second level, each apartment has a large living room, dining room, kitchen and a WC. More...


Both rooms are almost identical and are spread onto the ground level. Each room is one sleeping room for 2 persons, with its own entrance and one bathroom. More...


Breakfast and Meals

Breakfast is not offered by us but we suggest you to have it at a cafeteria in the neighbourhood. Meals can be prepared by the customers in apartments and greek and mediterranean recipes and our assistance will be available too.More…